Advice from Aberystwyth University Careers Service

Your education gives you the ability to adapt to a changing environment, communicate effectively, think critically, solve complex problems and communicate well with others on an interpersonal level. Your overall university education exposes you to a wide array of perspectives and views of the world. The interpersonal skills you develop through extra-curricular experiences are highly valued by employers, and crucial to your effective contribution in the workplace.

These experiences could include your contribution to sports clubs and societies. Work experiences are also very important in your skill development. Explore skills gained through experiences such as volunteering, work placements and your part-time term-time work.

Making use of the wide range of support offered by the Careers Service will help you to get maximum value out of your time at Aberystwyth.

Staffed by a friendly and experienced team, the Careers Service offers a range of services such as drop-in sessions, guidance appointments, employer events and more to help you recognise both your strengths and your development needs, to explore a wide range of opportunities, to make informed decisions about your future. 

Additional resources

A study by Dr. Hannah Dee (Computer Science) on Interview experiences from both sides of the desk