English Language Summer School 2023


Group Bookings Only for Summer 2023


Objective: The overall aim of this course is to help you become a more fluent and confident user of English, extending your vocabulary, activating your grammar, and unlocking your passive knowledge of the English language so that you are better able to use your English in the wider world.

The popular English and Communicative Skills Course gives you the opportunity to develop your language and communication skills in a friendly, cosmopolitan university environment. The course has a strong focus on spoken communication, and involves 20 hours of class time a week, plus a full programme of social activities.

Classes are lively, creative and interactive. As well as classroom work, you will carry out projects that take you out into the local community and the social programme ensures you have opportunities to explore the area, make friends, and develop your English skills outside the classroom too.

The course is taught on the Aberystwyth University campus, and whether you join us for just two weeks or for the whole summer, you will have full access to all University facilities including 24-hour computer rooms, University libraries, the University Arts Centre, the University Sports Centre and other University facilities. Accommodation is available in our Halls of Residence, and you will typically share a six or eight bedroom apartment or house with other language learners from around the world. Every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, and the University has a range of restaurants and cafeterias providing tasty and reasonably priced food. The University's seaside location and easy walking distance to the lively and friendly town centre make it an ideal summer destination.

We take pride in in the excellent student feedback we receive on this course, and as this student made video shows, our summer students are usually very happy in Aberystwyth.

Minimum age: 17

Maximum class size: 16


More Information

Who is the course for?

Who is the English and Communicative Skills course for?

The course is for anyone who wishes to improve their communicative ability in English. The course is suitable for learners with English levels from CEFR A2 to B2.

Open to individuals and groups.

Group bookings can be accepted at any level.

Age You must be aged 17 or over to start the course
Level You must have an English level of A2, B1, or B2

What will I study?

What will I study?

The main aim of the course is to help you become a more confident communicator in English. You will join other international students in small classes (maximum 16 students per class) and our skilled professional teachers will ensure that you have plentiful opportunities to use and develop your English both inside and beyond the classroom. You should expect to be an active participant in every class and to see a significant improvement in your communicative ability and confidence by the end of the course.

The focus of the course is on developing learners’ ability to communicate confidently in English in all areas of life. Speaking and listening are the major focus of the course, and you will be exposed to a wide range of language input, and take part in tasks and activities that require you to use the language you are learning in class in real situations.

Grammar and vocabulary are taught, but always in the context of communication. The focus is always on language use rather than language study.

You will also be encouraged to develop strategies that will help you continue improving your English once the course is over.

The classes build on your existing language skills and focus on:

  • Developing speaking and listening skills
  • Building vocabulary
  • Improving pronunciation and intonation
  • Increasing grammatical accuracy
  • Enhancing fluency and confidence
  • Improving reading and writing skills
  • Enabling independent learning

In addition, you can choose from a range of special interest classes. In previous years these have included:

  • IELTS preparation
  • Out and About in Aberystwyth
  • British culture
  • Language through literature
  • Pronunciation workshops
  • Kitchen culture: Language through cooking
  • Intercultural communication
  • Dragon’s Den: English for Business
  • English through photography

How is the course structured?

  • 15 hours per week of English in the mornings
  •  5 hours per week of special interest classes and related activities
  •  A full social programme

Morning Classes

In the morning classes you will be placed with students with a similar English level to yours. 

Special Interest Classes

In the afternoons, you can choose from the range of special interest classes on offer in a given week. This gives you an opportunity to practice your English in specific contexts which you find most interesting, and to make friends with students from other classes. Afternoon groups may be mixed level, as groups are formed based on students’ interests rather than language level.









Weekend round-up, journal writing and sharing – phrasal verbs & idioms to talk about the weekend


writing focus


Course book or targeted language materials and activities

Vocabulary and pronunciation focus


Course book or targeted language materials and activities

Reading focus


Course book or targeted language materials and activities

Speaking/listening focus


Discussing cross cultural issues

Speaking & listening focus

8 - 7

Social Programme:

Full day trip to Manchester, with options to visit:

  • Old Trafford Football Stadium
  • National Football Museum
  • Museums and Galleries

Or just to enjoy the great shopping and eating options!




Language Laboratory activities –connected speech to sound more natural

Pronunciation and speaking focus


Introduction to the weeks’ themed group video or presentation project

Speaking & Listening focus


Grammar workshop &

Integrated Skills

Multi-skills focus


Presentation skills and group rehearsals

Speaking & listening focus


Group project presentations and videos and feedback

Speaking & listening focus



Optional lecture

Guest speaker lecture

Listening focus


Special Interest Class choices

  • Out & About in Aber
  • IELTS preparation
  • Business English
  • Welsh Kitchen – cooking, eating &  the language of food


Social Programme


Special Interest Class choices

  • Out & About in Aber
  • IELTS preparation
  • Business English
  • Welsh Kitchen – cooking, eating & the language of food



Movie night




Pizza on the pier


This sample timetable shows you what a typical week on the course looks like. It is not a definitive timetable for your course.

Dates and Fees

Course length

You can start on any of the enrolment dates, and take a course of 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. 

Dates and Fees 2022

CourseDatesFeesAccommodation IncludedGroup Bookings Only
CS3  15 August 2022 - 26 August 2022 £899 Yes Yes
 30 August 2022 - 9 September 2022 £899 Yes Yes

*Monday 29 August 2022 is a public holiday in the UK.

There will be no classes on this day.

Summer 2022 accommodation costs in ourFferm Penglais Residence are to be confirmed

What our students say

Wai Yuk Tang, Hong Kong

"I’ve had the most unforgettable experience in my life on the summer course at Aberystwyth. It changed me and the world in my eyes completely. Now let me tell you why.

The United Kingdom is a whole new world compared with Hong Kong. I like the stunning sky here. I enjoy the delicate houses and I especially love the relaxing life style. Nevertheless, I remember the feeling when I first got here. Every face was new and I was all alone. I was very frightened about communicating with the strangers. Now I understand----it is all about courage!

You need to have courage to talk with strangers so that they can help you, and you need to be fearless even though you are not very confident with your English. I learned a lot from this journey, and not only because I learned English,  What I really learned from was the experience in my life Aberystwyth. For instance, in making new friends. It is not easy for me to chat with a stranger confidently in English in Hong Kong, but if you live with foreigners, you have to use your English in daily life, right? Luckily, I met so many nice new friends in Aberystwyth. We just met each other for about two weeks, but we treat each other like family! Yes! We are an international family. I feel  like I have a lot of brothers and sisters. They take good care of me and are willing to give a helping hand when I need help. We talk about our own countries and stories and I ‘ve really learned a lot about other places in the world from our conversations. We go hiking, or out in the evenings, and we visit different places in the UK. We have parties every week. In order to understand more about each other,  we even learned how to cook the local food of different countries and we really, really have good time together.

In addition, I found out that the atmosphere of the English language classes in the UK is totally different from Hong Kong. The students here are more willing to interact with the teachers. It shows their hunger to learn and it also teaches me the right attitude to learning. I found out that we can learn English in a more interesting way, too. For instance, we learn practical English like how to order food in the pub. In addition, we played so many games in the classes and I gained a lot from them.

In a word, it is absolutely an amazing tour. I have learned a lot from it!"‌

How to apply

Please use the following application form here

  1. Complete the application form and return it to us by email or post, with a copy of your passport and any other documents specified on the application form.
  2. If you would like to stay in the university accommodation, tick this box on your application form. If you have ticked the accommodation box, we will arrange your accommodation. You do not need to do anything more to reserve your place in University Halls of Residence.
  3. We will assess your application to ensure that the course you have applied for is appropriate for your needs, and that you meet our entry requirements. If you have not met the entry requirements we will recommend a course for you (subject to availability).
  4. When we accept your application, we will send you an offer letter and an invoice. You will be asked to pay a deposit for your course. You can choose to pay the full fee at this time, or just the deposit.
  5. Once you have paid your deposit, your course application is complete. If you have not paid the full fee before, you must pay it on the first day of the course.

Key Facts


English and Communicative Skills (ECS)

Course objective

The overall aim of this course is to help you become a more fluent and confident user of English, extending your vocabulary, activating your grammar, and unlocking your passive knowledge of the English language so that you are better able to use your English in the wider world.

Maximum class size



A2 - B2

Available to

Individuals and groups

Taught hours per week


Private study periods

Students should typically expect to study independently for an additional 5 hours per week.

Minimum age

17. Click here for information about our care of the under-18s.



CS1 - July 18 2022 - July 29 2022

CS2 – August 1 2022 - August 12 2022

CS3 – August 15 2022 - August 26 2022

CS4 – August 29 2022 - September 9 2022

Non-teaching days


There are no classes on Saturdays or Sundays, or on Monday August 30 2021 (UK Bank Holiday)


There are no classes on Saturdays or Sundays, or on Monday August 29 2022 (UK Bank Holiday)

Tuition Fee


CS1 2022 - £550

CS2 2022 - £550

CS3 2022 - £550

CS4 2022 - £550

Course material costs


Social life

The IEC Summer Social Programme runs from 12 July 2021 - 10 September 2021 and includes a full day trip every Saturday, a half day trip every Wednesday and two evening activities per week. Most activities are free and the cost will never exceed £25 per week.


If you request accommodation when you apply for your course, this will be reserved for you in our Fferm Penglais halls of residence.

These are a 5-12 minute walk from your classrooms, and cost for Summer 2021 is to be determined.

You will have a private study room with double bed, en-suite bathroom and Wi-Fi, in a 6-8 person apartment with shared kitchen facilities. Accommodation is provided on a self-catering basis.

If you want to live in a single-sex apartment, please inform us when you apply and we will arrange this.

Accommodation will be reserved for you from 3pm on the Saturday before the course starts until 10am on the Saturday after your course finishes.

You will be provided with bedding and a towel, and these will be changed once a week. Laundry facilities are available on Fferm Penglais.


You are responsible for making your own insurance arrangements. We strongly advise you to take out insurance to cover your journey and your time in the UK. There are many insurance policies designed especially for international students.