Modern Languages - Annual Departmental Prizes

Each year the department awards the following prizes to some of our students.

David Trotter Prize

Professor David Trotter was Professor of French and Head of the Department of Modern Languages from 1993 until his untimely death in 2015. Professor Trotter was an international authority on historical French linguistics and medieval French and led the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded Anglo-Norman Dictionary project, based at Aberystwyth University. In addition to his renown as a researcher, he was an inspiring and popular teacher and a dedicated Head of Department.
The Department awards an annual prize in his memory to recognise the best final-year undergraduate linguist (i.e. the best performance in language modules by a student who is studying two or three languages within the Department).

André Barbier Prize in French

Founded in 1948 with a sum of money collected by former students of the French Department as a tribute to Professor J L André Barbier, Professor of French at the College from 1909 to 1944.
The André Barbier Prize is awarded each year to the student of the University, who, in the opinion of the Examining Board, reaches the highest standard in the Year Abroad dissertation for French. The Senate shall, however, have the right, on the advice of the Examining Board, to withhold the prize in any year should there be no dissertation of sufficient merit, or to divide it between candidates of equal merit. The prize shall normally be expended on the purchase of approved books, but may, with the permission of the Senate, be expended for other approved purposes.

David and Margaret Evans Prize in German

Founded in 1972 by Wynn Anthony James Evans and Roland Wynton Evans, (the sons of the late David Evans, Professor of German 1936-1952) for the promotion and encouragement of the teaching of German language and literature at the College.
1.    One or more David and Margaret Evans Prizes for German shall be offered annually.
2.    The Prizes shall be awarded by the Senate, on the recommendation of the Professor of German, to students who –
    (a) have shown proficiency in German language and literature
    (b) would most benefit from travel in Germany or another German speaking  
3.    Any accumulation arising from non-award or otherwise may be used to make additions to the capital sum.

The Rhiannon Davies Prize in French

A prize founded in 1988 by the family of Mrs Rhiannon Davies in her memory and in commemoration of her standing as a teacher and translator of French.
1.    A Prize shall be available for award annually.
2.    Students who have been studying French and also studying another subject wholly or partly through the medium of Welsh shall be eligible for the award of the Prize.
3.    The Prize shall be awarded to the student who meets the conditions of paragraph 2 and who obtains the highest mark in final-year French translation work.
4.    The Prize may be withheld or, if there are candidates of equal merit, divided.
5.    The Prize shall be awarded by the Senate on the recommendation of the Examining Board for French.
6.    Any accumulation arising from non-award or other reasons may be used.


Glynis R. Thompson Bursary Award

A £1,000 bursary for applicants to an MA, MPhil or MRes course within the Department of Modern Languages. The prize is awarded on the basis of a 500-word research proposal (not including bibliography). Each proposal is read by two staff members, designated by the PG tutor, who will each assess the proposal’s relevance and rigour. UG results (projected UG results for current Final Year students) may be used to decide between proposals of equal merit.

  • How to apply: Applications should be sent to the central departmental address with the subject line Glynis R. Thompson Bursary.
  • Deadlines: 1 April (for September entry)
  • Selection Criteria: Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree of at least 2(1) (applicants in the final year of their undergraduate degree are welcome to apply, and to forward their degree results to us in due course). At least one of the main languages taught in the department (French, German, Italian, Spanish) must have been part of the student’s Undergraduate degree (joint honours students combining a language with another subject are eligible).
  • Awarding body:
  • Further information: Please email the Department if you have any questions -