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Music card membership is currently on hold due to Government restrictions as a result of COVID-19.

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Data Protection Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy through compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Data Protection Act, other relevant legislation and best practice. This is how we record, safeguard and use the information you have given us.

How we collect information

Information is stored in paper format (i.e. the form that you fill in to become a member) plus information from on-line shop purchases of the Music Card. Some of these details are also added to our secure database in the Music Centre. Only Music Centre Staff have access to the information and confidentiality is ensured.

How we use information for administration purposes

If you are an ensemble member we keep details of your name and instrument/voice in order to keep a weekly rehearsal attendance register, and to produce a list of performers for inclusion in our concert programmes.

We keep your email address and phone number in case we have to contact you regarding changes to rehearsal times/cancellation etc.

If you are receiving tuition or using the practice rooms we may need to get in touch with you.

If you are a student we keep details of the course you are attending.

We record special medical or disability information that we need to be aware of so that we are able to accommodate your needs, for example in rehearsals and performances, or in case of a medical emergency.

Photographs are used for publicity, to raise the profile of the Music Centre. This could be on the Music Centre website, facebook page or in the press. If you do not consent to photos of you being used in this way, a record of this is kept.

How we Protect Information

The information is held on a secure database in the Music Centre in accordance with the University’s protection and information security policies. It will be held only for as long as it is deemed necessary (usually up to three years, and for three years after you have left the group or you have completed your final year if you are a student). Thereafter it is securely destroyed or permanently deleted.  Information on Music Scholarship students only will be retained in the archive for future reference.

Use of data and legal basis

Data is used only to support the administrative work of the Music Centre. The University has to declare the legal basis on which your information is processed and, in the above cases, this will be either because you provide consent or it is within the legitimate interests of the University to hold your information due to your direct involvement with the Music Centre.

Your details will not be shared with others unless you have expressed the wish for us to do so (i.e. phone number/email address). If your personal details change, please notify us by email: or phone: 01970 622685 / 628497.