The Harassment and Misconduct Support Service

About the Service

The Harassment and Misconduct Support Service here at Aberystwyth University is in place to support students who have been affected by any form of sexual misconduct or violence. The service aims to provide a safe, supportive space, in which students can access support, feel heard and consider the options available to them.

The service includes a team of University Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLOs) who are in place to support students, whatever their experience has been. Whether the sexual misconduct or violence has happened here in Aberystwyth or elsewhere or whether recent or sometime in the past.

They will treat every person with sensitivity and respect. Any way you choose to proceed will be fully respected. The team will support you on whatever path works best for you. They will handle your disclosure with confidentiality and will respect your decisions - they are here to listen and support you. They are a survivor-led team, which means they will listen and  help you decide what you need going forward. They won’t make you report it to the police if that’s not what you want. They won’t make you share any details if you’re not ready to do that. They can help if you’re struggling with your studies and/or other aspects of your student experience, and can talk through the different support options available to you. 

How does the Service Work?

The service is in place to offer non-judgemental support, ensuring that our students have the opportunity to explore options available to them in order that they can make decisions at their pace and which are right for them.

What to expect from the service:

  • Listening to your story (as much or as little as you would like to share or feel able to)
  • Help you explore the options that are available to you and support you to make an informed decision about what you may wish to do next
  • Finding practical solutions to help you study (including support on extensions or special circumstances)
  • Facilitating support so that you are kept safe and feel safe whilst at Aberystwyth University.
  • Help you put together a plan of where you want to go next, and make sure that it supports your needs
  • Helping you through the university complaints and misconduct processes.

How can a Sexual Violence Liaison Officer (SVLO) Help?

An SVLO can listen and discuss the options available to you through external services and within the university. Your appointed SVLO can also liaise with these external services and University staff where required and will provide ongoing 'wrap around' care and support.

You have access to support from an SVLO regardless of whether the sexual violence happened on- or off-campus, or if you were subjected to sexual violence before you came to Aberystwyth.

With your consent, they can help you with:

  • Referrals to mental health and medical services
  • Academic and accommodation adjustments 
  • Understanding the reporting options available to you
  • Navigating systems and resources within the University
  • Signposting support in the local area and online

People react and deal with sexual misconduct and/or violence in many different ways. Any way you choose to proceed will be fully respected.

We have put together some further information about your options and the next steps to take over on our ‘Get Support’ page.

How Can an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) help?

An ISVA provides emotional and practical support and advice to any student who has experienced sexual violence, recently or in the past. You can access them independent of our service or one of our SVLOs can help you in making contact.

They can:

  • Provide information about the criminal justice process if you're considering reporting, and help you to make informed choices about what is right for you;
  • Explain the University’s policies and procedures relating to sexual misconduct;
  • Support you throughout the process of reporting;
  • Provide information about your rights;
  • Liaise with the police, the University, the Crown Prosecution Service and/or other relevant agencies;
  • Accompany you to meetings relating to the sexual violence you have experienced;
  • Give you practical support and advocacy with regards to other services (e.g. studies, sexual and physical health, mental health, etc.);
  • Help you plan your safety and access appropriate support at the University or in your local area (e.g. Student Wellbeing, Local Counselling Services).


As a student support service we work confidentially, meaning we won't share anything that you tell us with your Academic Department, friends,  family, or police without your explicit permission. There may be times, such as when a student or someone else is at significant risk of harm, where we need to think about sharing some information, but if this comes up we will discuss this with you first.

How do I get in touch?

To make an appointment, you can either;

Send an email to and we will find you a suitable advisor who will contact you direct. You do not need to provide any detail in your email.

Or, you can,

Submit a report to our Report and Support system at Report + Support - Aberystwyth University and a member of the team will contact you direct. The Report and Support system allows you to report with your contact details or anonymously.

Our Team

The Sexual Violence and Misconduct Support Service is run by a team of six highly trained Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLO) and an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA)

Our SVLOs work in a variety of roles across our Student Services and Residence Life teams and are committed to supporting students in our community who have been affected by Student Violence or Misconduct.

Reported students

We recognise that through the course of an academic year students studying at Aberystwyth may be reported for sexual misconduct.  The provision of support for reported students is provided by the Advice and Money Team in Student Services with processes and systems in place to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest or overlap with the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Support Service.

Staff working in the Advice and Money team are well placed to  provide advice on the University’s  disciplinary process, discuss practical steps, and signpost you to relevant support services.