Studying in Wales

Whether you reside in the UK, EU or overseas, there are many reasons to study in Wales.

Key Reasons:

  • Unique country
    Wales enjoys a rich history, Celtic culture and proud heritage, including the distinct Welsh language that is still used today.
  • Diverse landscape
    with study locations ranging from beautiful coastal towns to vibrant historic cities.
  • Lower cost of living
    Compared to most parts of the UK, your spending money will go further.
  • Scholarships and bursaries
    Again, compared to most parts of the UK, you can receive generous financial support towards your studies.
  • Happy students
    At Aberystwyth, we have some of the most satisfied students in Wales and the UK. We are the best University in Wales and top 10 in the UK for student satisfaction (NSS 2021). 
  • Always something to see or do
    From shopping to sightseeing, from sports clubs to live concerts – plus you never have to travel far to be on a beach, in a forest or surrounded by hills.
  • Excellent teaching and research
    Welsh universities, combined, provide a significant number of 4* rated academic departments in recognition of their international excellence.
  • High employability
    Year in employment degrees and strong industry ties mean graduates from Welsh universities go on to enjoy fulfilling employment or further study.